Title what’s not your proper.. Younger Saudi man leaves dinner offended over unusual phrase, and Saudis react to clip

A video clip that unfold amongst social media customers has turn into fashionable, exhibiting a citizen making ready to have a meal, earlier than his host surprises him by saying: “Title the one who shouldn’t be allowed” . Which pushed the citizen to refuse his intention and depart.

An offended Saudi citizen – Picture supply: Twitter.

The clip sparked many contradictory feedback amongst tweeters.

A few of them expressed admiration for the citizen’s response, contemplating it proof of his dignity and shallowness.

Others, alternatively, have indicated the likelihood that the clip is barely a illustration, based mostly on sure particulars of the video.

Interpretations of the phrase diversified amongst commenters, as some believed it might have a distinct that means relying on the context, as one commented saying, “All of them are as a result of they filmed a clip that has disgraced them,” and one other mentioned, “He who’s proud is incorrect…and gluttony rests on those that settle for his resolve, enter into his gathering, and belittle his dignity.” The visitor is honored and free from any phrases whose that means might be interpreted.” One other mentioned: “They’re all liars. The visitor and the host are proper, however God is aware of whether or not it’s out of affection or by settlement between them. In the event that they thanked God for this blessing, it might be higher for them. I ask God to proceed his blessings on us.