The Egyptian Worth Change proclaims a drop within the worth of sugar, and right here is the worth listing of fundamental uncooked supplies right now, Friday, August 4.

The Egyptian Worth Change is a crucial platform for figuring out costs of commodities and fundamental supplies in Egypt. Amongst these essential merchandise is sugar, which is taken into account one of many fundamental meals merchandise whose costs expertise steady adjustments. Customers are eager to know the true costs of sugar in order that they don’t seem to be uncovered to exploitation or unjustified will increase. On this article, we are going to uncover the current actions on the Egyptian Worth Change relating to the worth of sugar right now, and we are going to discover out what’s the actual worth that customers ought to know, and the worth listing of fundamental merchandise.

Commodity costs on Friday, August 4

Commodity costs noticed blended developments on Friday, August 4, with costs of some uncooked supplies rising and others falling. There is a rise within the costs of sure oils and cheeses, whereas a lower within the costs of milk, beans, sugar and pasta.

Article quantity Article Costs (books) Change (books)
1 A kilo of packaged beans 38.03 -0.15
2 A kilo of packaged flour 22.19 +0.45
3 A liter of sunflower oil 63.95 +1.23
4 A kilo of packaged sugar 24.23 -0.25
5 A kilo of packaged pasta 23.08 -0.38
6 A kilo of packaged lentils 47.66 +1.36
7 One liter of crystallized corn oil 74.69 +1.63
8 A kilo of cottage cheese 95.36 -2.29
9 A kilo of Romano cheese 181.4 -2.3
ten A liter of bulk milk 20.88 -0.17
11 A kilo of commercial appetizers 61.61 +0.41
12 A liter of packaged milk 27.87 -0.09

Sugar costs right now, Friday August 4

The value of a kilo of sugar to the patron right now, Thursday, is 27 kilos.

Article Costs (books) Change (books)
White sugar 24,000 per ton settle
glucose 23,500 per ton -500
Meals starch 25,000 per ton settle

The Egyptian Price Exchange announces a drop in the price of sugar, and here is the price list of basic raw materials today, Friday, August 4.

World sugar costs right now

Worldwide Sugar Costs: Throughout right now’s session on the New York and London inventory exchanges, a rise within the costs of uncooked sugar and white sugar futures contracts was noticed on each the exchanges , which displays a state of restoration within the world sugar market.

Futures contracts Buying and selling historical past Worth (cents/pound) Change (cents/pound)
October 2023 New York Inventory Change 24.28 +0.08
March 2024 New York Inventory Change 24h48 +0.09
October 2023 London Inventory Change $700.20 +3$
December 2023 London Inventory Change $686.5 +$2.80