Provisions Secretariat explaining the variations between amendments and devices

The Normal Secretariat specified the commissions that look at purposes for actual property possession (Ahkam) affiliated to the Normal State Actual Property Authority; The massive variations between requests for finalization of the sequestration act and formal requests for modification of the acts, by a tweet on the official web page of the secretariat through the X platform.

Emblem of the Ehkam_X platform

Variations between devices and requests for amendments

Differences between instruments and requests for amendments
Assertion from the Ihkam Platform on the variations between devices and modification requests – Platform X

The Secretariat signifies that the request for completion of the procedures for the deed of sequestration consists of the modification or addition of lacking information or the completion of the common procedures for deeds of sequestration issued by Royal Decree No. (A/ 218). This additionally consists of implementing the escrow directions, corresponding to promoting within the newspaper and modification that impacts neighbors. , including lengths and areas, and contacting authorities businesses specified within the system.

As for formal requests for modification, they concern the modification or addition of lacking information within the sequestration paperwork issued earlier than Royal Decree No. (A/218), which don’t require the implementation of the sequestration directions . These adjustments additionally embody:

  • Add the entire space.
  • Modification of the civil standing quantity.
  • Add or modify the width of the road, the plan quantity, the identify of the lot, plaque or district, and modify the primary or final identify.
  • Change borders or lengths.
  • Addition of civil standing for folks whose paperwork don’t embody the Hafizah quantity equivalent to the identification quantity.
  • Correction of typographical or clerical errors.
  • Addition of civil standing for individuals who haven’t entered the Hafiza quantity of their doc.
  • Convert measurements into the meter system.