Expectations for episode 19 of the Jaafar Al-Omda collection

The occasions of the episode revolved round Shawqi, who was launched from jail and introduced his marriage to “Widad”, the spouse of Sayed, the brother of Jaafar, the mayor. It was a shock to Jaafar and Sayyed’s household when he realized that his spouse had divorced him 7 months in the past, whereas she was nonetheless with him, and it shocked her husband, his brother and everybody .

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As Sayed stands on the window, he’s shocked by Widad dancing together with her new husband. He will get offended and offended and takes the knife working, and rings Shawqi’s doorbell, opening the opposite one. Shawqi manages to do away with the knife in Sayed’s home. hand, and takes him, drags him to the center of the neighborhood and beats him to loss of life. Then his brother involves defend him. Sayed, and a fierce battle takes place between the 2 sides, and Safsaf goes right down to defend his son, and all of Jaafar’s wives.

Alternatively, Jaafar is having enjoyable along with his spouse Aida in Beirut, and a cellphone comes from Safsaf, telling him what occurred, so Jaafar hurries right down to Cairo, however there was a person who was mendacity in wait and positioned a bag of medicine for him, and everybody was ready for Jaafar to return and assert his rights, however Aida got here again saying that Jaafar received caught on the airport and informed them that I used to be his ex-wife to allow them to insult me.

You might be anticipated to see in episode 19 that the battle between the Fathallah household and the Al-Omda household will intensify after Jaafar comes out of the case, after monitoring the airport cameras, and the general public additionally expects the occasions of Jaafar. Al-Omda, episode 19, that Jaafar’s response to this incident might be violent, whereas one other group expects Jaafar to agree with Zeina to say these phrases in order that he prepares for the large battle with Shawqi, and one other group expects that Aida is behind every part, and a few say that Shawqi is the one who compelled the person to place medication within the bag for him.

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