Popular Cosmetic Surgeries and Their Prices

Popular Cosmetic Surgeries and Their Prices

Cosmetic surgery is one way to change the things you do not like about yourself, more specifically, physical flaws such as a flat nose, small breasts, a full figure, or a lot of wrinkles. More often, the people who undergo cosmetic surgery choose to do so because they want to retain their youthful looks, and do not want to appear as though they are not aging gracefully.

Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery is not just for the rich and famous. It is possible for a regular guy or gal on the street, with a regular income, to go into a clinic and ask for elective cosmetic surgery. This is because they have managed to save for the operation, or they were able to secure a loan or finance for cosmetic surgery.

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Some of the popular cosmetic surgery and the average cosmetic surgery prices are listed below. (A complete list can be found at cosmetic surgery prices revealed). This may give you an idea of what to expect when you walk into a clinic to ask about cosmetic surgery prices.


A very popular surgery which carries average cosmetic surgery prices of $6,300 is the facelift. This cosmetic surgery will be like the fountain of youth because it can erase signs of aging within a few hours. After a few days of having the surgery, you will walk out looking like you did years ago.

Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

There are 3 popular breast cosmetic surgeries that are often requested. These are the Breast Enlargement which increase bust size and costs $4,100 if you use the silicon implants. It will cost less if you opt for the saline solution injections at $3,600 only.

The second is the Breast Lift which has an average price of $ 4,300. Then the last would be the Breast Reduction which decreases the bust size and is commonly requested by men. This surgery will cost about $5,600.

Figure Shaping Surgeries

Liposuction, Smart Liposuction, and Lower Body Lifts are 3 procedures that can sculpt your body to a desired shape and figure. The Liposuction has an average price of $2,700; the Smart Liposuction which is less invasive is more expensive at $3,000; while the Lower Body Lift is very expensive at around $8,000.

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