Basic Skin Care Tips

Basic Skin Care Tips

Basic skin care is not a major chore, there just a few steps to take every day to ensure your skin looks and feels the great. You should know your skin type before you start with your daily skin care routine, there is normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and of course sensitive skin.

In order for you to use the right product for your skin it is very important to find out what kind of skin you have. It only is necessary to do your skin care once a day and I would recommend in the evening before bed time not only will it remove your make up and all the dirt accumulated during the day but your skin will get the most benefit out of it at night when your resting.

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Start by removing all your make up with a good make up remover, take a warm wet wash cloth and remove all the lose dirt (the warm water will open your pores). Take a good cleanser for your skin type and wash your face with it, when you rinse your face make sure to use cool water to help close the pores.

Exfoliating your skin is a very important step in your skin care routine. It will help remove all dead skin cells and will give you a nice complexion. When exfoliating make sure you use a product that is not to course use one with smaller grains it will be easier on your skin.

Last but not least moisturize your skin with a good face cream. A lot of people use a special cream for eyes because the eye area is very thin and tends to get fine lines, but your regular moisturizer will do just fine. All you have to do in the morning when you get up wash your face with some warm water to wash off some extra oils. With these simple step’s you can make sure your skin feels and looks good and you are ready to take on another day.

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