New Breakthrough Treatment for Migraines

New Breakthrough Treatment for Migraines

Until a few decades ago, migraine sufferers had few treatment options- aspirin was the staple drug. In the 1980s, scientist developed some drugs which were able to eliminate migraine pain once it had begun. However, these abortive medications (many of which are still prescribed- though more medications have joined them) often carry a high risk of side effects, and certain medical conditions prevent their use in many cases. In recent years, medical science has been more focused on the prevention of migraines. This may be accomplished with any number of prescription drugs, although many are seeking a more natural approach.

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The medical community seems to be releasing a new drug for migraine treatment every few months. Each drug is said to be more effective than the last, and proclaims its healing properties everywhere. Sometimes we find out a few months or years down the line that this wonder-drug is in fact dangerous. In the cases where they do seem to be as safe as other medications, they are not nearly as effective as they claim to be. The good news is that many doctors are becoming hesitant to simply write a prescription for your migraine. New migraine treatment focuses on determining the cause of your migraines and learning methods to control them, rather than risking adverse side effects of medications.

One migraine treatment that medical science seems to support is also heralded by naturalists, and this is the use of supplements. Many migraine sufferers have low levels of certain essential minerals. Supplement therapy aims to correct deficiencies, and initial studies have shown dramatic results.

So far, the most helpful supplements seem to be magnesium, riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10. A simple blood test can usually determine if you suffer from any deficiencies. These supplements are taken as a preventative measure, but some migraine sufferers have had almost a complete elimination of their migraines.

Natural treatments for migraines have been growing in popularity for years, and it seems this may be for good reason. Many who have taken this route have experienced dramatic results, and word travels quickly. However, making sense of what works and what doesn’t can be a frustrating process.

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