Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms During Detoxification

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms During Detoxification

Alcoholism is a disease that not only affects the drinker but the ones around them also. The addiction comes in stages. You may drink on occasion at social events or have a beer or two here and there to relieve some stress. Your life is still in control and you have not shown any abnormal behavior around your friends and family. As your drinking progresses you may drink during the week instead of just on the weekend with your friends.

You are now drinking alone at home or making nightly trips to the neighborhood store. You are waking up with hangovers and arriving at work later and later every day. Your life is starting to become unmanageable and everyone is noticing a change in your behavior.

You start to defend your drinking telling everyone you can quit whenever you want to. The last and the most dangerous stage of your addiction is when your body and mind start to slip away. You start to risk your life driving while under the influence. You may have been arrested several times. Your addiction is starting to damage vital organs. Your behavior is frightening to your friends and family.

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Alcohol can have a devastating effect on your skin health as well. Have you ever seen a person that drinks heavily? Look at their skin and you will see what it does. More wrinkles and just poor looking skin is a common result of alcohol abuse.

You know that your drinking is serious but you still cannot admit it enough to check yourself into a rehabilitation facility. Not knowing what damages you are causing yourself you stop cold turkey and try your own alcohol detoxification system. Not knowing what to expect your body is starting to go through alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

You are sweating constantly and you have the shakes. You are nauseated and your heart is beating a mile a minute. After several days of not drinking you may start to hallucinate, even hearing and smelling things. There is a strong possibility you may die if urgent medical treatment is not sought.

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