Tips on Choosing the Best Protein Shake Powder

Tips on Choosing the Best Protein Shake Powder

Protein shakes have become popular protein supplements for body builders. If you are trying to lose weight and gain muscles, a protein shake can be an essential supplement to sustain your protein needs and feed your muscles to repair and grow at a faster rate. Taking protein shakes are the perfect way to supplement your proteins especially for those who live a fast-paced lifestyle.

It is undeniable that protein shake powders are helpful in losing weight and building mass. However, you might be wondering what would be the best protein shake powder that will suit your body. An ideal protein shake powder should contain the necessary nutrients needed by your body. Not all protein shakes are formulated equally so it is essential that you know which one to pick according to your body’s requirement.


Choosing the best protein shake powder depends on your goal and reason for taking it. If you want to build muscles, pick protein powders with high quality protein content to supply the needs of your muscles. However, if your goal is to lose weight really fast but do not want to exercise, taking protein shake will only going to make you bigger.

Protein Type

Choose the protein powder that contains your body’s requirement. There are a lot of protein shake powders available in the market with additional supplements but most of them are just a waste of money. It would be best to choose a protein powder with high quality protein.

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However, you also need to know the type of protein shake powders available in the market. The most popular choice is whey protein powder, which is derived from milk and best used when your goal is to build muscles. If you have lactose intolerant problems, choose soy protein or egg protein powders. Soy protein powders are also effective in reducing body weight and fat mass.


Another factor you need to consider when choosing the best protein shake powder is flavor. Though this can be a minor factor, make sure you are satisfied with your protein shake rather than stuck with your shake that you cannot even stand to drink. Most protein shake powders taste bland but there are other protein shake powders that have flavors which include vanilla and chocolate. It is also best to read reviews of the different protein shakes and see what people might have to say about the taste of some protein shakes.

Regardless of which you choose to buy, even the best protein shake powder can be less effective if you have no discipline and commitment to achieve your goal.

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