Laser Hair Removal for Face

Laser Hair Removal for Face

Laser hair removal for the face has become popular for both women and men. Women often are embarrassed from unwanted facial hair. Waxing, shaving, and bleaching facial hair only lasts for a short period of time. A laser treatment takes as little as ten minutes and the hair does not need to be grown in to be effective. Popular laser treatment for the face for women includes the upper lip, side burns, chin, and neck.

Men are also getting into the trend of getting facial hair removed. Due to the fact men have to often shave daily, this is a great way to save them the time. Some men are also getting their eyebrows done to clean up unruly hairs that create a unibrow or hair that comes down low near the eyelid.woman in the studio.

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Laser hair removal treatment usually takes more than just one session. Usually it is several sessions, depending on the area, and how thick the hair is. Ask the technician or dermatologist during a consultation how many sessions it may take. Individual treatments can be long lasting, meaning it may last up to a month, depending on how fast the hair growth is. Hair will grow in thinner and thinner with each session, until it is undetectable.

Prices will vary by how large of an area on how many sessions are needed. Sessions can range anywhere from $100 per session to $500 per session. Get a consultation before getting this procedure done to know the exact price. Pain is truly minimal, a slight pinching feeling when laser is being done, and virtually no side effects. The area may be red for a day or so.

Laser hair removal face treatment is very common for people these days. It has become more affordable, and is a great alternative to daily procedures to get rid of unwanted hair. Do some research and select a highly qualified dermatologist or technician, or use a referral.

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