Smooth and Hairless Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Smooth and Hairless Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth can be quite troublesome not only for men but in most cases, embarrassing and upsetting for women. While men can either opt to trim or shave off their beards or mustaches, women have other pressing matters with regard to unwanted hair growth that needed to be remedied as much as possible.

But there are still ongoing and critical issues with regards to the concept of laser hair removal – this hair removal technique remains to be one of the brewing hot topics with regards to beauty and wellness. Many people find themselves probing this significant question – is hair laser hair removal permanent for me?

Going for traditional and conventional methods and techniques in hair removal can be painstaking, as once in a while you have to go through with them all over again once the hairs starts to persistently grow again. Contrary to the traditional beliefs, hairs do not grow even courser after you shave, tweeze, pluck or wax them – in the case of shaving for instance, you actually cut the mid-shaft and so when the hairs grow back they appear darker and thicker when the truth is, they are really not.

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The hair stubbles just felt stiffer because they were once the middle parts of the hair. The point is, if you don’t want to deal with such dilemma again of coming across with what look like a thicker hair growth, then you can still have a chance to have the most desired smooth and hairless skin with laser hair removal.

FDA has already claimed laser technology as a permanent reduction of hair – but the truth is, this does not mean that it is applicable to all people. The truth is, laser hair removal is good for most people, but there are few skin types that are not really the right candidates for this hair removal procedure.

The darker your skin is, the lesser the chance that a laser hair removal can reduce or efface out the growth of your hair. However, for those people who have light skin they are most likely to get the most desirable results. As for those people who have brown or light brown skin types, the result is dependent on the number of treatments and sessions you undergo until you can finally remove the hairs.

So, does laser permanent hair removal really work? The answer, still debatable, is yes. It may not be wholly effective to all people, but laser hair removal procedure can ultimately reduce the growth of hair in the range of 40 to 80%. It is indeed quite an amazing statistic when you compared this one to traditional and conventional methods of hair removal. And it is for this reason why laser hair removal is still gaining popularity these days.

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