Facial Hair Removal: Temporary or Permanent

Facial Hair Removal: Temporary or Permanent

Having excessive body hair can be the cause of a person’s lack of self-confidence and frustration. Both men and women hate having too much hair, especially in the face. It’s a great thing that there are various methods of facial hair removal that we can do to ease this problem. However, we should take extra care in buying products from the market. Most of them have been proven fraudulent while others exaggerate the results.

There are two different categories of hair removal: temporary and permanent. Temporary methods include depilation or the removal of the hair to the level of the skin. This can last from several hours up to several days. These methods include shaving or trimming and through the use of depilatory creams.

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We can shave or trim the hair with the use of manual razors or electrical shavers. Depilatory creams and powders are applied to the skin to chemically remove the unwanted hair. We can also get rid of it through friction or by using rough surfaces to buff away the hair.

Epilation is the removal of the entire hair from the root. This can last from several days up to several weeks. Tweezing, waxing and sugaring are some of the most popular methods of epilating. Tweezing is the process of pulling out the hair with the use of tweezers. This is also known as plucking. Waxing is the application of a hot or cold cream on the area and the hair is pulled out by a porous strip. Sugaring, on the other hand, is very similar to waxing. The only difference is that we use a sticky paste which is a mixture of lemon juice, cornstarch and honey, instead of the wax application.

Permanent hair removal has a couple of methods too. These are done with the use of chemicals, energy of varying types or a combination of both. The purpose is to target the area that aids in the excessive growth of hair. The methods are electroepilation (electrolysis, thermolysis and a combination of both) photoepilation (laser hair removal, intense pulsed light and Diode epilation) and ultrasoundepilation (ultrasound). All of these methods are very difficult to do as they need to target the growth areas and at the same time leave the surrounding tissue unharmed.

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