Aging of Skin is Quite Normal

Aging of Skin is Quite Normal

Perhaps it is due to Hollywood and the fascination with the appearance of celebrities, but wellness health and beauty seem to be a national interest. In a sense, the youthful appearance of Hollywood celebs, presents an unnatural view of normal life.

As the years pass by, people age. Aging is an inevitable part of life and along with aging come physical changes, including the creases, folds, or ridges in the skin, most notably in the face. These are called wrinkles. Younger people may have these earlier than the others because of frequent exposure to the sun, bad sleeping and eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking, regular frowning expressions, poor hydration, or heredity, among other factors.

Commonly, in younger years, there are no wrinkles because the skin, that has three layers called the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue), stretches well and can easily maintain moisture. As one ages, the cells in this epidermis become less sticky, causing dryness, and thinner, making the skin look thinner also. This dermis has elasticity in younger skin because of fibers that are called elastin which slowly decrease in number over time. Finally, fat cells in the subcutaneous layer get smaller through the years, leading to sagging and obvious wrinkles.

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However, like the aging process, wrinkles are normal. They cannot be stopped from appearing, but they can be delayed by correct diet and exercise, vitamin supplements, and or facial moisturizers. More information is available about anti aging products from your physician or beauty consultant.

For wrinkles that are prominent, specialized intensive creams are in the market, or plastic surgery can be opted for. There are many other data regarding delaying and reversing of wrinkles in dermatologist’s clinics, health books and magazines, and the internet.

It has been said that in this generation men and women alike, are more vain than ever. Most of them want to maintain their youth. There is really nothing wrong with wanting to be young and aiming to feel young always, as long as the methods in trying to do so are proven and scientific.

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