Herbal Solutions For Skin Care

Herbal Solutions For Skin Care

We all want to look and feel younger. There are many different remedies available on the market for doing so. Part of looking younger is proper skin care. We will do everything we can to retard the signs of aging that appears in our skin. There are some herbal remedies for taking care of our skin.

Amazingly that annoying weed, the dandelion, can help with skin care. The dandelion is high natural nutrients. It is high in vitamins A and C with more beta carotine than carrots. It has more potassium than broccoli and is rich in iron. The white sap from the stems or roots is useful for the elimination of warts, acne and calluses.

Acne, or blocked skin spores, can be taken care with an oil made from lemongrass. Apply some of the oil on the face to clear up the acne problem and clean the skin pores.

Aloe Vera can be used to reduce our skin wrinkles and to take care of warts. For the treatment of sunburns and to use as a cream or ointment, a 20% or more content is needed. Applying and massaging almond oil to the face will also prevent wrinkles. To give the skin a healthier look and feel you can use Emu Oil. This can be obtained as a prepared product from various health stores. Honey can also be used in facials to make the skin soft and supple.

Grape seed oil contains antioxidants which enhance the development of healthy cells and protects the skin from damage.

Lime and lemon juice can also be used in natural skin treatments. Oily skin can be taken care of by placing lemon juice in some ice water. You should splash this on your face and massage your face for five minutes, then wash off with water. To improve dry and rough skin, you can mix an egg yolk with a few drops of lime and olive oil. Spread this on your face and leave it until the skin feels dry. Then wash it off with water and splash on cold water.

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Peach skin can also be used to improve your complexion. Massage peach peelings on your face for a few minutes. Leave this on your face. It will cleanse the skin and free the pores. It will also serve to tighten the face slightly, preventing sagging tissues.

The juice of a watermelon can be used for skin blemishes. Grate and squeeze the juice from a small watermelon. Apply to your face and neck for fifteen minutes. Wash with hot water and follow with a splash of cold water.

Yogurt can be used as a natural beauty aid. Apply yogurt to your face every morning, then wash it off after a few minutes with cold water. It will keep your complexion smooth and fresh looking. Applying a mixture of yogurt and lemon juice to your skin will soften them.

Making sure you take plenty of vitamins A, C and E will reduce the suns damage to your skin. Vitamin A increases the renewal rate, normalized skin growth and stimulates the blood flow. Zinc is also an important mineral in the fight of aging skin. Make sure that you are taking natural and healthy vitamin supplements.

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