How to Find Relief From Poison Oak Rash?

How to Find Relief From Poison Oak Rash?

When you come in contact with poison oak, there are pretty high chances that you develop contact dermatitis as an allergic reaction. Along with poison ivy and poison sumac, this plant causes the most cases of dermatitis triggered by allergens. Enduring a rash of this type can be a really tough experience, so it is good to know how we can alleviate the main symptoms – itching and blistering.

One of the most simple, yet effective treatments for poison oak rash is the use of cool compresses. For this purpose you can use a towel or a wash cloth, which you will soak in cool water or water mixed with Burrow’s solution. This will not cure you, but believe me when I say applying the compress will feel like Heaven! This will give you a temporary relief from the incessant itching and at the same time will help you remove the dry crusts that come along with the poison oak rash. To help even more, you can use a fan to blow air on the compress.

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Another alternative doctors recommend is rubbing an ice cube over the rash throughout the day; this will act as an anesthetic. Do not use a towel to dry the skin, you need to let it air dry.

But perhaps the best way to alleviate poison oak rash itching naturally is by soaking in a cool water bath. I’ve found great results by adding an oatmeal product, since it helps soothing the itching even more. Avoid hot water and hot baths at all costs, even if the weather is cold, you can opt better for a lukewarm bath. Hot water will add inflammation on top of the rash and that is something I’m sure you don’t want. After your bath, you can complement your treatment with a lotion named calamine , that reduces itching and helps drying up the blisters.

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