The Embarrassment of Dark Underarms

The Embarrassment of Dark Underarms

People always look for hidden flaws in people. They love to laugh at sudden revelations of armpit hair or nose hair. They comment badly on women who have cellulite and wear bikinis on the beach. They talk about stretch marks like it’s a bad thing. And the worst secret that they can know about you are your dark underarms which they will persistently gossip about behind your back and tell everyone without even knowing that your name has become a comedic icon in the neighborhood.

Dark underarms are really a woman’s deepest, dark secret because they hide it from everyone else, even from their partner, because they fear the rejection and repulsion that they will get from others. Women with dark underarms avoid wearing sleeveless clothing and raising their arms to full length. They also search for all the viable ways of making their underarms whiter and more presentable.

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Why do the underarms turn dark? There are many causes, and the most unavoidable of these are hereditary reasons. If dark underarms run in your family, you can’t run away from it. Rubbing the underarms is also one cause of its skin darkening. The skin on the underarms is very sensitive so it reacts easily to irritation. Using irritating deodorants or antiperspirants that do not match your skin type also make the underarms dark. Shaving, plucking, and incorrect cleaning of the armpits may irritate the skin and make it dark. Also, taking androgen-based contraceptives contribute to the undesirable condition.

There are many ways to whiten the underarm skin. Many underarm whitening products and deodorants have been released in the market. However, because the underarm skin is quite sensitive, you should first study which treatment is really fit for your skin type, or else using the treatments may backfire and even cause worse darkening.

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