5 Eczema Herbs For Immediate Skin Relief

5 Eczema Herbs For Immediate Skin Relief

Because of side effects and short-term effectiveness of conventional eczema treatments, more people are turning to natural methods as an alternative.

Eczema for everyone is different, and there is no cure-all magic pill that will work for everyone. With that being said, there are natural treatments that can help you manage eczema, and sometimes eliminate the symptoms altogether. One good natural remedy is the use of herbs. Depending on the strength, potency, and freshness, some herbs can help relieve inflammation, calm itching, reduce swelling, and combat infection without the adverse side effects. Below is a list of five powerful eczema herbs that can help get your condition under control.

Chamomile– This anti-inflammatory herb helps to soothe skin rashes and itching. Chamomile can be ingested daily as a tea, or it can also be applied topically as a salve, lotion, or oil. This herb may also be added to bathwater for good effects.

Burdock Root– This is a great herb that helps to cleanse the body from the inside out by cleansing the blood and helping the body to eliminate waste materials. Burdock root is also has anti-bacterial properties that help fight bacteria colonization on the skin. Its active ingredient, inulin, helps to strengthen the immune system and correct defects in inflammatory mechanisms.

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Rosemary–Rosemary essential oil is a natural analgesic that promotes blood circulation and helps to reduce swelling.
Aloe Vera Gel–Pure aloe vera gel from the plant (not the bottle) helps to soothe itching, reduce inflammation, and promote the skin’s youth.

Witch Hazel–Witch hazel is a natural astringent often used in creams. This herb is good for curbing swelling, inflammation, and itching.

There are a plethora of eczema herbs to explore, but the few listed above is a great start. Adding one or more to your eczema fighting regimen may greatly reduce the immediate symptoms. However, if you want to stop recurring flare-ups for permanent eczema relief, you will also need to address other potential triggers such as allergens, diets, stress, and chemicals.

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