Are Eczema Pictures Helpful, or Just Scary?

Are Eczema Pictures Helpful, or Just Scary?

Looking at pictures of any condition can be a little frightening. However, pictures of eczema can help you better understand what is going on. Whether you or your child are suffering from this condition, you can learn a lot from looking at photos of this disease.

First of all, there are multiple types of eczema. The most common is atopic eczema. It’s also known as atopic dermatitis,it occurs whenever the skin has an allergic reaction. The trigger is not always known, but common allergens include detergents, foods, soap,and fabrics. It can also be triggered by exposure to sunlight, poor circulation, or stress.

Atopic eczema is extremely itchy. It can have blisters, scaling, and redness. It’s very important not to scratch, or you can risk getting infection. For children, this can be hard to avoid. Try to keep that affected areas covered. If the child is too young to keep from scratching himself, keep his nails short. You also may want to consider putting his hands in mittens, although these have a tendency to come off quickly.

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Eczema is a growing problem. It’s now estimated that almost 30% of children will have at least one outbreak by their third birthday. However, it’s not the only skin condition that causes a rash. For any rash that doesn’t go away in a few days, you want to visit the doctor.

There are other types of rashes that it could be. Impetigo can also cause blisters. It’s usually accompanied by yellow scaling. Yeast infections are red and usually round. They are usually found in the folds of the body. Heat rashes are widespread and very bumpy. They go away after a few days.

Looking at pictures of these conditions can help you figure out what is going on with your body. That way you can educate yourself before you visit the doctor. It makes the whole experience much less frightening if you can understand what the doctor is talking about when you go in for a visit.

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