Why Choose Teeter F9000 Inversion Table

Why Choose Teeter F9000 Inversion Table

Roger and Jennifer Teeter are the founders of Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Products since 1981. Until now, their products rank first in popularity because of top – notch quality and efficiency. They manufactured many different models of inversion tables with the best features and highest quality. One of their most popular inversion products is the Teeter F9000 inversion table model. Teeter hang ups tables are the only inversion machines which are specifically designed to allow inversion gravity boots to be attached other than just the standard instep lock.

Any type of Teeter inversion table utilizes inversion therapy as means of treatment for various medical conditions usually associated with spine compressions. If you are considering inversion for your therapy needs or just a means of daily inversion and stretching routine, then you should choose F9000 Teeter hang ups. F9000 comes with many best features making it one of the best inversion tables that you might want to consider. It has a pivot system which can easily rotate with slight arm movements allowing you to easily switch between angles. You no longer have to exert so much force in making it rotate according to your desired position.

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It can rotate up to 90 degrees full inversion to guarantee maximum and efficient results of inversion therapy. Its adjustable roller hinges will allow you to pre – select your desired angles before you begin the therapy procedures. It can even control the aggressiveness of the rotation but more aggressive rotation will allow you to lock yourself to the full 90 degrees inversion as well. The foam padded clamps of F9000 will comfortably lock and hold you in place making inversion more secure and safe. The corner feet support the A – frame base of F9000 reducing sliding incidents and providing more safety and security during inversion.

These are only few of the many excellent features of F9000 inversion tables. If you wish to know more about them before you go shop and purchase, then you better check them out online and read reviews about their efficiency and quality to help you determine if it is really the one that you are looking for, for your inversion therapy needs.

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