Escape from the Traps of Makeup

Escape from the Traps of Makeup

Traps are everywhere in the world. Traps are also present for your makeup. Falling into the traps of makeup makes you look even worse than you do not put your makeup on. If you want to count, there are so many traps that you are not aware. Let us now reveal the most common ones.

A lot of people may not have thick and full eyebrow due to over tweezing. But this should not be a reason for you to put heavy makeup onto your eyebrow. Some other people may think darker eyebrow can make them look fresher. In fact, too heavy makeup on eyebrow will make you look fierce instead of fresh. If you also wear upper and lower eyelashes at the same time, this will make the case even worse. You should always remember, eyebrow should look natural in whatever occasions.

It is so common for ladies to bring a lipstick with them when they go out. Yes, A LIPSTICK. Many of you only bring one lipstick with you, which means you can only one color for your lip makeup. This is not a good idea during the winter times when you have your dark colored clothes on. Lip color during winter times can add special effect to your whole look. Bring 2-3 different color lipstick with you to better mix and match with your look and clothes.

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Rouge and foundation come along together. If you apply foundation with rouge, you will look so pale. But usually people just focus too much on their cheek when applying rouge. This makes their cheek bone more outstanding and therefore the whole look becomes rigid. Instead of focus on the cheek, you can apply the rouge from your cheek and upward. Smudge along up to the side of your forehead. Apply heavier color around cheek area and lighter color around forehead side area. This will help you look natural.

Mascara is a good help to eye makeup. If you do not apply false eyelashes or perform eyelash extensions, mascara is your must in order to have a great eye makeup. Though it is important, it does not mean the more you apply, the better is your look. Many people simple apply too much mascara on their eyelashes, especially for the lower lashes. You may not need or may not need that much of mascara for your lower lashes.

Fragrance is the least effort and yet most expressive beauty tool for ladies. If you want to express your inner personality more, there is no better choice than fragrance or perfume. As it is so expressive, it should be extremely personal. You should choose your perfume totally base on your feel and sense. I know many of you may purchase the perfume base on friend’s suggestions. Whatever it works for your friend, it may not work for you!

Be careful to all the traps in makeup. If you have fallen into the traps, the time you spent on makeup may not actually give you a better look. Pay attention to details and be brave to try!

source : Euphoria Makeup Head Donni Davy’s Makeup Brand, Half Magic, Is Finally Here

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